Our Current Goal

Lucid LLC has developed a prototype that is patent-pending. While our end goal is to mitigate the inherent risk in cleaning windows of multi-storied buildings, our prototype allows us to clean an array of surfaces. While we continue to build the company, we will be servicing homes, schools, and office buildings within the surrounding area of Davidson, NC. Please reach out if you would like to have the Lucid drone clean for you, or if you’re interested in learning how you can support our efforts in creating a safer and cleaner tomorrow!

Email us at lucid.llc@aol.com.

Our Vision

The window washing of skyscrapers is an outdated and inefficient process in dire need of innovation. Lucid seeks to use the capabilities of modern technology to revolutionize the cleaning of skyscrapers and highrises.

Our Appeal

A faster, safer, and more cost-effective solution for washing tall structures is desperately needed. Our service will combine the unique dexterity of a drone with an effective washing system to expedite the process of cleaning skyscrapers. The drone can maneuver the irregularities and indentations of modern architecture, while the washing system allows it to outperform its competition because it can clean a variety of surfaces like vinyl siding, concrete, and brick, as well as windows.